Royal Town of Darłowo 

  Królewskie Miasto Darłowo  




Welcome to Darłowo /'dʌrwɒvɒ/


Dear Tourist,

Welcome to Poland. And more precisely, on the beautiful Polish Baltic Sea coast. It is here, on the Western Coast, between Szczecin and Gdańsk, where one of the most beautiful Polish seaside resorts is located - the city of Darłowo.


Darłowo has nearly 14-thousand inhabitants and is situated in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Valley of the rivers Wieprza and Grabowa. Regarded as a tourist capital of  Sławno district , it is a major seaport located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. More than six kilometers of wide, sandy beaches, exceptional microclimate with high levels of iodine and unique neighborhood of two Baltic lakes - this is what makes Darłowo have a unique atmosphere and a resort valued by Tourists.


The city is full of charms, wonderful sights and an interesting history. It is an ideal place for tourists who want to relax, recover their body and mind, as well as for those who are thirsty for activity and dream about the experience of an unforgettable adventure.


Darłowo and its seaside district of Darłówko is a special resort. Resort with a soul. Hotels, guest houses, holiday centers and private accommodation are designed to meet the high demands of tourists. A wide selection of varied tourist offer allows us to offer wonderful holidays to children and teens, group guided tours and conferences, and especially to families who want to spend a summer holiday with their children peacefully and safely.

(Full accommodation of the City of Darłowo -


Sandy beaches and a multitude of attractions are waiting for the tourists. If water baths and the sun are not conducive to the weather, there are also water parks and pools which are filled with heated sea water. For the most demanding guests, there is a Wellness & Spa center where you can relax your body and mind.


Darłowo is also an important historical center. It is here where Eric the Pomeranian - the king of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, also called the last Viking of the Baltic Sea - was born and spent the last years of his life. Darłowo, as the only coastal city, can also boast the Gothic Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes. This is probably the castle where Eric the Pomeranian hid his great treasure that he was collecting while plundering merchant ships on the Baltic Sea.


Its chambers are visited by a wandering ghost of Princess Sophia, by the local people called the White Lady. In the medieval St. Mary's Church, there is still the sarcophagus hiding the remains of the great King Eric the Pomeranian I, who at the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries ruled over the entire northern Europe. Therefore, Darłowo having in its history such an outstanding inhabitant uses the honorable name of the royal city.


Several hundred years later, in the nineteenth century, a German emperor - Wilhelm I - spent his holidays in the seaside resort of Darłówko. He liked his stay in the Spa House "Friedrichsbad" (today's Apollo Hotel) so much that the emperor came back to Darłowo a couple of times over the next years.  Yet, it is George Büttner who is thought to be the official founder of the resort and the discoverer of the local values ​​of the climate. He founded one of the oldest Polish sea bathing areas on the eastern side of the harbor in 1814.

Today, Darłówko, which is a seaside district of Darłowo - boasts a unique microclimate, with a high content of therapeutic iodine, wide, sandy beaches and charming harbor. The port is a place for harmoniously developing fisheries and tourist functions such as fishing, sailing and active water tourism.



Darłowo port is one of the ports on the West Pomeranian Sailing Route. It is a perfect place for yachting globetrotters who, above all, enjoy wind, water and sails. At the eastern waterfront, the sailors will find a safe haven and a modern, hospitable marina. If there is a need to repair the boat, there is a wide range of services with guaranteed quality provided in this area by the „Darłowo Shipyard ".


Darłowo is also acclaimed to be fishing, marine Polish capital. And this is due to the nearby fishing grounds rich in fish - especially cod, regarded as the king of the Baltic Sea.  Hence, almost every day dozens of fishing boats and boat go fishing. Cases of returning without any haul are very rare. Anyone interested in experiencing the adventure can find a place on board of one of the many local fishing boats or speedboats without any problems.

While we are still at fishing, without any exaggeration one may say that Darłowo and Darłówko anglers and fishermen can be found all the way long. Starting from the center of the old town - Darłowo, where in the middle of the town square, there is a Monument of a Fisherman - a fountain, considered to be the most recognizable monument of the resort. Additionally, fishing enthusiasts can be met along the pedestrian boulevard of Wieprza River flowing through Darłowo and Darłówko, in the so-called "heads" of the breakwaters as well as on the beach - practicing so-called surfcasting - fishing from the shore.

Darłowo and its surroundings are popular not only among sea anglers. The local rivers, the above mentioned Wieprza and Grabowa Rivers, are a land for bull routs, salmons, trouts and graylings.

Therefore, Darłowo is a paradise for anglers not only in summer. It enjoys a wide popularity throughout the whole year; each season has its own distinct and unique charm.


Beaches. They are our biggest advantage, which attract the most. Wide and sandy beaches are a magnet for all those who are looking for relaxation, want to take a water or sun bath. Depending on your expectations, we offer a beach located on the west side of the harbor. It gives plenty of opportunities for water and motorboat sports.  There are water sports equipment rentals as well as volleyball, soccer and badminton fields. In addition, it is on the western beach where events, beach clubs, sports game summer or kite show are organized.

In contrast, an ideal place for families with younger children will be a little calmer, the eastern beach. Mainly due to the naturally formed bay, or as some call it - the lagoon - it is characterized by shallower water, which has an impact on its temperature. This creates a safer environment for children to play in. Here, dedicated to the youngest, we founded summer soccer field and beach mini playgrounds. The eastern beach with its calmer characters is ideal for sunbathing and meditation or yoga.


Our beaches are a place worthy of recommendation throughout the whole year. They are beautiful both in both summer and winter, and spring and autumn give them specific mood. Every day can be started from a breathtaking view of the sunrise with an end watching its sunset. In autumn - with a little luck and favor of Neptune - maybe you will find here the most precious souvenir - called the "Gold" from the bottom of the Baltic Sea. An ideal gift for your loved ones or an original souvenir brought from Darłowo. In autumn and winter, when storms happen mostly in the Baltic Sea- and this is an additional attraction at the seaside - you can find amber hunters on our beaches. It is an interesting and engaging view - and while observing you have a feeling as if you were cheering the seekers. Amber, due to its medicinal properties, has become an exclusive commodity of wide use. It is used in the treatment of diseases of the thyroid, throat, chrypce and rheumatism. In Darłowo, it can be purchased in many places.


Walking around Darłówko, you will probably feel the atmosphere. Especially in the part located directly in the harbor. Ordinary daily activities of fishermen are here attracting passers-by. Fish sold straight from the side, repairing fishing nets, fish auction taking place on board, gutting fish purchased on the customer's request, the smell of fried delicacies served on the Baltic or heat smoked sprat is a daily picture of our port.

We would also like to take your steps towards the lighthouse. The only Polish lighthouse built on a rectangular plan, which is the easternmost lighthouse that belongs to the West Coast. It is 22 meters high, and the range of light pointing the way to anglers, fishermen and sailors reaches a distance of 30 km. In summer, the object is open to visitors, so feel free to come inside.

Fog beeper (nautofon) - standing in front of the sea, leaving the lighthouse just behind, you will see at the right breakwater a device included in the navigational signs. The beeper is used to transmit audio signals at sea at the time of fog. Its sound can be heard in a radius of 20 km. Modernity and advanced navigation technology replaced the beepers. Today, it is a rarity encountered in only a few ports. The beeper of Darłowo is unfortunately not the original fog beeper. It was created at the initiative of the committed Darłowo inhabitants in order to save it from oblivion. It has been in its current location since summer 2013. Its sound is heard only on special occasions - such as exceptional marine events. Once heard, it stays in one's memory for a long time.

Star block "Xavier" - is the latest monument of Darłowo. We owe it to the Orcan Xavier (also Boldi, Sven), which went through Europe in December 2013 (exactly: 04-10.12.2013). It did not spare the royal city, as well. The strongest blows were on December 5th and 6th. Water hit the breakwater with a huge impetus, sweeping through it and breaking into the depths of the harbor. The wind was blowing at high speed and its strength was so powerful that it threw the breakwater weighing 5 tons of concrete, a star block, damaging its structure. An original place where the concrete the star was discarded is around the East, ponds red - visible at the end of the breakwater. This block has been secured and moved next to the lighthouse - as a souvenir. A souvenir of one of the biggest hurricanes that has struck Europe in recent years becomes at the same time an additional curiosity of the local port.

Still staying in the port, note the sliding bridge. The moment of the tweak can be watched at every full hour - when the bridge is opened to allow vessels enter and leave the port.


In spring and summer, there are cruise ships for tourists in its neighborhood, which leave the harbor several times a day to take the thirsty passengers for sea adventures. Here, for those with strong nerves Boreas is waiting. It is a super-fast, 9-meter RIB - capable of a speed of 100 km/h. 15 minutes of extreme sensations combined with the excitement caused by high speed and adrenaline, allowing at the same time to enjoy the beauty of Polish Baltic Sea coast.

A small marina of water buses can be also found by the sliding bridge. Ships named: "Princess Sophia", "Tristan" and "Isolde" take passengers on short trips inside the port on the route Darłowo - Darłówko or Darłówko - Darłowo. Cruises are regular (in summer - every 30 min.).

These are not the only attractions of marine-related travels that Darłowo port has to offer. In summer, you can also sail to distant offshore of the Danish island of Bornholm - about 55 miles from Darłowo. A regular weekly catamaran - Amber (Polish Jantar) runs between the ports of Nexo - Darłowo. It's a great alternative to spend free time, to gain knowledge of the Island that is believed to be the most beautiful island on the Baltic Sea.


Tourists  with riding skills  are invited to bike tours in Darłowo and Darłówko - as well as a slightly longer trials trough one of the several  tourist tracks passing through the Land of Darłowo (tourist hiking and biking trails: Wiatrakowy (39km), Seaside (37km), Cistercian (23km) St. Jacob). Bike rentals are located in Darłówko (Hotel Lidia); you can also find them on the boardwalk and in the Darłowo (on Krótka Street).


If you want to play tennis with your friends or play indoor football, we recommend a hall belonging to the Holiday Centre "Rose of the Winds". In addition, the city has several public sports fields (on WOP, Żeromski and Wyspiańskiego Streets) and a multi-purpose sports field with artificial grass at the city stadium (Sportowa Street).


In Darłowo, you can also develop your bowling skills. This great team game, which will integrate your "team", can be player on one of the two bowling lanes, located on both sides of Darłówko - in hotels "Lydia" and "Jan".


Swimming pool complex with high standards will allow you to enjoy water baths in Darłowo trough the whole year. Water Park Jan is located in the eastern part of Darłówko and is one of the few in Europe and the only water park in Poland where the pools are filled with salty water from the Baltic Sea. It offers: paddling pool, sports pool, pool "wild" river, jacuzzi, two tube slides, inner slide and outer pool - especially attractive when minus temperatures are prevailing outside.


On the western side of Darłówko, in the luxurious "Lidia" Spa & Wellness, you can use the swimming pool complex, too. There are excellent conditions for relaxation in the swimming pools and recreation. The hotel has a Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, outer Jacuzzi and outdoor stone path to the water-air foot massage, which enhances the feeling of relaxation.


If children are your companions while holidays in Darłowo, you are invited to a Ropes Course "By the Baltic Sea" (Polish Nad Bałtykiem). It is located on Avenue Parkowa in Western Darłówko. Here you can actively spend family time here while measuring your shape and strength. The attractions of this place are the following routes: training, children and routes of medium and professional difficulty.

Parents and children - are also invited to visit an entertainment park, which is located just off the harbor channel at the eastern waterfront of Darłówko. Here, you will spend time with your family, have fun and your children will, without any doubt, find many attractions.


Darłowo and Darłówko are great places not only because of its favorable geographic location and a number of tourist attractions. This place is interesting and hospitable, where a number of events are organized. They make this place even more attractive for tourists coming here.  To name a few, it is worth to mention the most important event - the Days of Darłowo. It is organized regularly, every year in May, we celebrate the birthday of the city.   and organized regularly. Regularly, every year in May, we celebrate the birthday of the city. On this occasion, a great weekend fiesta is organized, with numerous concerts and festivities, family and outdoor sports.

 In June, we celebrate Midsummer Night (according to Polish, old rites) and the International Rally of Historical Military Vehicles (beginning of July). This event attracts enthusiasts Darłowo of military equipment that can be presented and show off in Darłowo. Our leading event in Darłowo, or otherwise known as "the fifth element" - is Media and Arts Festival (second weekend of July).

It comes down to public meetings of tourists with outstanding figures of the media, arts, sports and cultural events and music. This event is organized in the scenery of Darłowo port in the immediate vicinity of the beaches.

One can also say that Darłowo is a city of summer festivals. Apart from the above mentioned Media and Arts Festival we also organize the following festivals: Darłowo Literary Meeting (turn of July and August), Scandinavian Films Festival (third week of July), the oldest one - Organ Music Festival (July/August), which is just an icing on the cake for all music lovers coming to Darłowo. Whereas in August, everyone is invited to join Reggaenwalde Festival, which made Darłowo famous for being the Pomeranian Capital of Reggae Music.


The city of Darłowo is also an organizer of the regatta sailing, fishing competitions and numerous exhibitions including: painting, sculpture and photography. You can see them in a building called the Art Terminal. This distinctive blue-and-red building, located on the western shore of Wieprza river - in the port (Western Darłówko, Kotwiczna Street). A detailed list of events in Darłowo can be found on our website at


A duet Darłowo/Darłówko has its own, specific and unique atmosphere. Here, even the sun is different than anywhere else. Right in front of the harbor breakwaters heads and the view is so captivating that stops Tourists strolling along the harbor for longer. Hence, we use the name Darłowo - the city of the sun. But back to the climate. The climate is not only mentioned due to the sun, beautiful beaches, interesting events, location or unique monuments. It is above all the people who live there as well as local specialties that you would like to recommend.




Fish. Fried, baked, smoked - they are all delicious. Originally taste cornet sprats wrapped in a paper and bread taste originally - eaten at one of the harbor bridges. You can purchase them in many points of fish sale in the heart of Darłowo port. Be sure to get such a dinner with "DARŁOWIAK" - Darłowo local beer.

Apart from fish, sweet treats such as ice cream, waffles, and macaroni with cream and iced coffee are very popular with tourists. In the shade of umbrellas, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the beaches in one of the many local ice cream shop or a cafe, enjoying the taste of coffee and so-called groovy waffle (Polish gofry) and ice cream never taste as good at the sea :-)

Jagodzianki are the tastiest rolls, served straight from the oven, with a huge amount of forest fruits.  Cafeteria menu of Apollo Hotel has it its offer. Wonderful, melt-in-mouth meringue Pavlova-made by the same owner - can be taster in the coffee shop AniAni Cafe. We also recommend a coffee break in the coffee shop Kikiriki and a wide range of Polish cakes in one of two city confectionaries (Powstańców Warszawskich Street / Boguslaw X Street ).

Everyone, regardless of their culinary tastes and wallets, there is something for everyone. Darłowo catering service ranges from luxury restaurants to snack bars and will satisfy various tastes (catering services - available online at


Why Darłowo is a unique city by the Polish Baltic Sea?

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, there is a colorful, interesting and turbulent history and considerable treasure trove of historical monuments. Most of them survived until today in good condition. A unique pearl of Darłowo is the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, where currently a Museum is located.  In the city center, there is St. Mary's Church with the highest 60-meter tower. Here, we have the Pomeranian Mausoleum with the sarcophagi of King Eric, Elizabeth, the wife of the last Prince of Pomeranian and Hedwig Princess of Pomerania. Inside the temple, there is a unique Lapidary, which gathered the remains of the nearby cemeteries of as many as four denominations: Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, and Jewish. Entering the Town Hall Square, you cannot help noticing the Monument of the Fisherman, at the foot of which is the Fish Gallery of the Baltic Sea. It is also here, where the Town Hall is located with beautifully preserved Renaissance portal which is situated just above the entrance door. In Darłowo, there is also a Stone Gate which is the only remnant of the former fortification of the city, a small Church of Saint George and what deserves special attention - Church of Saint Gertrude. This is an exception example of the Scandinavian Gothic in the Polish Pomerania. 


You will get to know an interesting story of Darłowo while taking a coupe-hours walk through Darłowo.



Darłowo has a wide range of accommodation possibilities. Close to thirteen thousand beds in local facilities with different standards will allow you to find a perfectly tailored offer meeting your expectations? Full list of registered objects can be found on our website -


Holiday complex of Darłowo and Darłówko is an ideal place to relax. This offer is addressed everyone. Sea possibilities and river benefits and most importantly - Darłowo is likeable.

Enjoy your vacations in Darłowo.


While in Darłowo, you are invited to our Tourist Service Office (IT), which is located on 5 Rynkowa Street.  Here, qualified staff will help, advise and inform you and also equip you with all the necessary maps and folders. Here, too, get the necessary information about the offer and purchase the BORNHOLM spot ticket for this cruise.


If you wanted to explore something in the neighborhood and go for a day trip, we recommend our closest neighbors: the Valley of Charlotte, the City of Ustka, Slupsk, Swołowo, Slowinski National Park, Jarosławiec, Theme Gardens of Hortulus in Dobrzyca, Koszalin with the Chełmska Hill, the village of Borkowo, Krąg and our immediate neighbors - the Commune of Darłowo with Dąbki resort.



IT Darłowo

5 Rynkowa Street

76-150 Darłowo

Phone: +48 519 303 032




The necessary information on Communications:

Many roads lead to Darłowo and you can get there in many ways.

Darłowo is away from:

15 km - from the national road No. 6, which can be used to communicate with Szczecin and Gdańsk?

23 km - from Sławno, the railway junction; buses and coaches go from Sławno to Darłowo a couple of times during the day

37 km - from Koszalin; Darłowo is suitably communicated with this place due to well developed private transport

46 km - from Słupsk

158 km from Goleniów (airport)

200 km from Kołbaskowo (border crossing with Germany)

187 km from Gdańsk (airport)

55 miles from the Danish island Bornholm


Useful addresses and phone numbers:

112 - European Emergency Number

601 100 100 - Voluntary Water Rescue

(+ 48) 94 314 23 51 - the Castle of the Pomaranian Dukes - Museum in Darłowo (4 Zamkowa Street)

(+ 48) 94 314 26 29 - Darłowo Culture Centre - BAJKA CINEMA (56 Morska Street)

(+ 48) 94 313 51 85 - Marine Port Authority- MARINA (27 Conrada Street)

(+ 48) 505 050 975 - Waterside Rescue Station (23 Wilków Morskich Street) - continuous radio monitoring: Channel 11 and 16 VHF997 - Police (48 Rzemieślnicza Street)

(+ 48) 784 516 765 Municipial Guards (17G Wieniawskiego Street)

(+ 48) 509 764 888 - Water Trams Tristan and Isolde

(+ 48) 606 228 737 - Water Trams Princess Sophie

(+ 48) 94 314 25 00 - Taxi

(+ 48) 94 314 41 41 - Taxi

(+ 48) 600 386 636 - Fishing Permits

(+ 48)  795 101 488 - Cruise Ships UNIKUS, Król ERYK

(+ 48) 501 641 302 - Boreas, super Fast boat RIB

(+ 48) 94 314 21 27 - Sports Hall, the Rose of the Winds (Polish Róża Wiatrów)

(+ 48) 94 314 49 10 - Water Park Jan

(+ 48) 94 314 30 38 - Lidia Hotel

(+ 48) 94 314 24 53 - Apollo Hotel

(+ 48) 533 555 140 - Ropes Cruise by the Baltic Sea (Polish Nad Bałtykiem)

(+ 48) 602 580 840 -  Fort Marian  


Relevant information for the anglers and sailors:

Kapitanat Darłowo - (+ 48) 94 314 26 83 VHF Ch.: 06, 12, 14, 16, 71 (8H)

Bosmanat Darłowo - (+ 48) 94 314 24 85 VHF Ch.: 12,14,16 (24H)

SAR (+ 48) 505 050 975 - continuous radio monitoring: channel 11 and 16 VHF